The Amoeba is the oldest known race in the Endless Space universe after the sentient mineral species known as the Harmony. Evolving from a very simple single-celled organism on a planet without a molten core and therefore no plate tectonics and little to no evolutionary adaptation, the Amoeba simply evolved slowly, over time, growing and developing their communal knowledge.


As their bodies are protoplasmic and soft, the use of tools came slowly. Their mental capacities, however, evolved rapidly to the point where Amoeba can temporarily separate their conscious nesses from their bodies.Their ships are therefore set up to accommodate many living minds in the circuitry, with central nurseries that maintain their bodies. The nurseries are well protected, however, for in spite of this ability, the death of the body will eventually mean the death of the mind.

Amoeba Fleet

Therefore, having long ago mastered the basic needs of the individual (survival - safety - community), both the society and its citizens are primarily intellectual seekers of self-fulfillment. In this, they have become by far the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated of the many races in the Endless Space game.

Amoeba Leader

Desiring contact, exploration, travel, and understanding, their strengths are in diplomacy and communication. It should be noted, however, that due to their fragile bodies they have a strong sense of vulnerability and a corresponding desire to control and dominate their environment.

Amoeba Battle Fleet
Amoeba Large Spaceship Concept
Amoeba Small Spaceship Concept